Plastic steel profile spraying equipment assembly line



Technical Parameters:

1. ZPHX-1 ZPHX-2 ZPHX-3 painting speed: 18-30 m/min

2. ZPHX-1 ZPHX-2 average baking speed 30m/min, adjustable speed

3. Compressed air consumption for painting: <1.5m³/h

4?6?7. Baking temperature control: room temperature -55℃ adjustable

5. Air jet lighting: >500LX

6. Exhaust wind speed in painting area: >0.5m/s

7. Equipment purification rate: 99﹪?6?7

8. Equipment noise: <85db

9. Total power consumption: ZPHX-1 72KW ZPHX-2 64KW ZPHX-3 30KW

10. The composition of the electrical control system

The electrical control system consists of the main control cabinet, spray position control cabinet and spray position console. The main control cabinet is located next to the outdoor baking room, and the spray position control cabinet and operation table are located on the indoor spray position side.

The main control cabinet is mainly used for heating and temperature control of the baking room, air curtain control at the inlet and outlet of the baking room, baking conveying control, indoor lighting and indoor exhaust air control.

Spray position control cabinet and console are used for spray position, spray gun adjustment and manual automatic control of the entire production line