Special-shaped surface sanding machine

Performance characteristics:
Can be used to prevent square, hand scraper wiredrawing craft;
Applicable to the peace of the solid wood with concave and convex surface, the surface of the high density fiberboard, etc all kinds of materials in the fine sanding and primer sanding and polishing;
In line with international standards of humanized design, cloth of the conversion of quick and convenient;
Three sanding spindle frequency control of motor speed to separately apply to different technological requirements.

technical parameters:

The processing width mm
Processing and the thickness of mm
Sanding wheel linear velocity m/s
3-15.6 Frequency control of motor speed
The feeding speed m/min
2.5-12.5、5-25 Stepless speed regulation
Total power motor kw
Vacuuming wind speed m/s
Work pressure MPa
The dimensions in mm

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