Small sanding machine market prospects

Plate production in China is from scratch, since the childhood. And with plank wood industry machinery is developed from scratch, until today, the annual output value of tens of billions of. In the field of the world wood machinery manufacturing occupies an important seat. Small sanding machine is produced by the wood industry just started in China and it has played a leading role, but with the plank enterprise scale of production gradually expand, it began to gradually out of production. Instead, the advanced new sand light machine. In particular, Qingdao, linyi several large sanding machine manufacturer has launched their own high precision sanding machine,  push now sanding machine technology to a new high.
Small sanding machine mainly refers to the single sand single sanding machine, its structure is simple, scaffolding, transmission part adopts the conveyor belt, the control part is using panel control keys, sanding and polishing need to replace abrasive belt, most parts adopt domestic accessories, working accuracy of sanding machine operator familiar with impact. Relative to new products, its working stability. It can be said that the product quality decided the product price, and to adapt to the target customers. It is what it determines the characteristics of plate production in China increasingly development today, is moving out of the market.
Small sanding machine, although is no longer the dominant, but because of his own price advantage, still get the welcome of small enterprises. As far as I know, Qingdao new factory price in 4.7-48000, individual small priced is even lower.