Special polishing machine

The machine is set, solid mu fu joins a floor board, bamboo flooring, furniture, wooden doors and Windows, crafts, man-made board, the preferred equipment. Pressure boots pressure roller pressure material transporting composite structure, and can be done with a dial indicator precision adjustment, completely solve the workpiece warping deformation and short processing chewing head wrap up phenomenon.
Delivery lift by microcomputer digital control, easy operation, high precision.
Large diameter coated rubber roll wheel, stability is good.
Advanced conveyor hydraulic drive, completely solve sliding, vibration of ills.
Abrasive belt adopts pneumatic control, not affected by dust, power factor.
Air pressure is insufficient or abrasive belt automatic stop when fracture, to ensure safety.
Abrasive belt cleaning device, automatic for the work of the abrasive belt cleaning, prolong the service life of abrasive belt.
Special-shaped surface polishing machine, in view of the wooden door, cabinet door, the paint, all kinds of different polishing, can be customized according to user's products.